Apple Mac Repairs


We understand that buying a Mac is a huge financial commitment. And while these devices are known for their reliability, they are not invincible.

Dedicated Engineering Team

At EssentiallyMac we have our own dedicated engineering team providing Apple Mac repairs and upgrades in Bromley. So if you’re experiencing technical troubles, or perhaps you require a simple memory upgrade, just get in touch and we will get it checked out. If we can’t help over the phone or via email, we will arrange drop off or collect from you in person.

We serve individuals, businesses, schools, and more. Apart from Bromley, we also cater to the following areas:

Our experienced and certified Apple engineers can cater to any model. Whether it is a broken screen, a software issue, or a hardware replacement, we have the expertise and the tools to do repairs quickly and efficiently.

Upgrades, Replacement, Data Recovery, More

If your Mac is running slowly, we may upgrade some parts instead of replacing the hardware entirely. We can also install a new hard drive for extra storage, or increase your RAM for extra memory. If you need to upgrade an application, or need the latest operating system, we can help with that, too.

In addition, we offer data recovery services. We will do everything to extend the working life of your Mac device.

Repair Service for All Models

Prior to undertaking any Apple Mac repair in Bromley, we will let you know exactly what the fault is and what is needed in order to have a healthy Mac back to you as quickly as possible. We carry out all types of Apple Mac repairs, from desktop iMac and MacPro to the full MacBook Pro range. If you need a quality quick fix, let’s talk.

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